Outline of the Foundation

Establishment of the “Penguin Scholarship Foundation”

Chairman Daisuke Mizutani
Chairman Daisuke Mizutani
The “Penguin Scholarship Foundation” was established as a general incorporated foundation in 2013.
I have been engaged in the management of an air conditioning system company for the past 40 years or so and have worked on the development of Japanese equipment technology and environmental technology in the Asia and Pacific regions. From my interaction with many Japanese and foreign engineers over the years I have come to believe that wherever a country or region is in the world, there are always young people who have the ambition to learn and the desire to make an international contribution through what they have learnt. Unfortunately I have also witnessed the predicament of young people who are not fortunate enough to encounter any proper opportunity due to the poor economic or security situation in their country, though they are in no way lacking in ambition. It has become my aim to provide opportunities for young people from our country and from overseas who have the desire to learn and foster a generation that can play a supportive role in the future of the international society. My aim is to promote mutual understanding and interaction internationally through supporting human resources in various regions. This Foundation was established based on these aims.
Despite its adorable appearance the Emperor penguin is known for its active vitality and ability to survive in the extreme cold and bring up offspring under the harshest of conditions. We named the Penguin Scholarship Foundation thinking of the vitality and energy of these penguins that grow up strong using the harshness of their surroundings as a springboard, and with the desire to foster human resources just as hardy as these brave birds.
We eagerly hope for your understanding and approval of our intensions.

Chairman Daisuke Mizutani

 What is the Penguin Scholarship Foundation?

The purpose of this Foundation is to provide financial support to domestic and overseas students who demonstrate excellence in their studies, have high ambitions for the future, are of sound body and mind and who are in need of financial assistance and to foster valuable human resources capable of contributing to society in the future and at the same time to contribute to the development of education and science in our country as well as promoting understanding and amity between countries.

 Outline of the Foundation

Penguin Scholarship Foundation
Daisuke Mizutani
June 21 2013
1-8-912 2-chome, Sannou, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan 143-0023
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 Outline of business
  1. Granting scholarships and instructing scholarship students
  2. Other business necessary to accomplish the aims of this Foundation